The Company


Nicole Lynn Brand Stylist is a company founded on the passion of wanting to help others succeed. Nicole Lynn, owner, started Nicole Lynn Brand Stylist as a creative outlet for her many different artistic interests in business development. There are so many small and large details that amount to a beautiful business and it requires a desire to perfect and fine tune these details that allows Nicole to help companies bring their visions to life.

The Pacific Northwest and world is full of women entrepreneurs. It is our mission to help those women succeed by helping them position themselves in front of the clients and customers they desire. Most business owners do not realize how time consuming it can be to manage the online presence of a business. That is where Nicole Lynn Brand Stylist comes in. Allow yourself the freedom to focus on your passion while allowing us to grow your brand and to beautify your business.


The owner


Nicole started out in the wedding industry as a wedding planner in Pittsburgh, PA. Her love of the industry grew as she began taking on other positions like bridal stylist and event designer. She opened Clover & Bee with Bethany Kleppick, a local Pittsburgh florist, and began freelancing event services. 


After moving to the Pacific Northwest, Nicole decided weddings were not her passion anymore. After a lot of networking and meeting so many amazing women entrepreneurs, Nicole decided to offer her creative services to the small business world. Her real passion is helping women-run businesses succeed beautifully and collaboratively. 


Nicole enjoys being a part of the fashion industry in the Portland area.  Her background in dance, theater and event coordination lends itself well to the fast paced and creative world of visual arts. Being a part of many different types of creative venues, Nicole is always evolving her design skills and tastes.  

Aside from trying to do as many creative and fun job as possible, Nicole also enjoys a good Netflix binge.  Her personal collection of face masks could put anyone to shame.  Nicole enjoys convincing her husband that shopping is also an art and loves spending time at Target. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets.  Nicole and her family enjoy spending time at the movies, hiking and rock climbing!